About Us

Take Airplants

Take Airplants is a concept of Corsa Plant. With this concept, we seek to provide optimal service to both our partners and our customers. Additionally, we seek to pass more knowledge, information and advice about airplants to end-consumers, as well as to garden centers. We are strengthening our collaborations with garden centers in order to provide end-consumers with more information and help on our products, so that our customers can enjoy the best experience with their airplants!

The stronger collaboration with these companies will translate into better expertise, as well as more desirable presentations of airplants in these garden centers. By having direct contact and paying regular visits to the garden centers, we aim to deliver more value by sharing lots of information about our airplants. Also, flyers with information will be provided to customers (can also be downloaded here: Flyer Take Airplants). To further improve our service, we are willing to help garden centers setting up the presentation of airplants at different locations if requested.

As discussed, we are providing flyers with information on our airplants. These flyers will be presented in the garden centers right where our airplants are also presented, feel free to take one with you! Our website serves the same informational purpose. It provides information on how to care for your airplants and specific information and facts of the different airplant species. Also, you’ll be able to search the locations of garden centers where our products can be bought. Moreover, you’ll be able to get inspirations on what to do with your airplants. For that reason, our instagram page is also worth following!

Corsa Plant

Corsa Plant is a family business founded in 1987. The main nursery is located in De Lier, The Netherlands. Corsa Plant specializes in importing ornamental plants from Guatemala, such as Beaucarneas, Yuccas and airplants (or Tillandsia). Corsa Plant has divided into two seperate nurseries in order to exclusively focus on airplants with one, and on Yuccas and Beaucarneas with the other.

Together with its farms in Guatemala, Corsa Plant has been growing its airplant assortment over the years. They’ve build up a wide network in Europe. As of today, Corsa Plant’s airplants are now to be found in many places throughout whole Europe, also in most (bigger) garden centers. We also provide an online webshop.

To be of better service to both customers and partners, Corsa Plant has come with the concept of Take Airplants.