Let us go to a deep forest and watch the thick tress growing there. The small plants dancing with joy near the small waterfalls. In a forest we find the earth smelling fresh and the birds chirping happily. Wild animals begin hunting as taught by nature and the ecology always remains in balance.

Now visit a busy city. What does a big city have? It has tall concrete buildings with no soul. It has automobiles running on the roads polluting the air with abandon with all types of poisonous gases being released in the air. You will also find lot many humans running around under stress trying to reach somewhere to finish their work. Can you think about the contrast between these two lifestyles?

How can city dwellers enjoy the sights of jungle in their office and homes? Download free wallpapers that depict plants and trees. That is the easiest method to live in a city but still enjoy the peace and serenity of forest.

Static desktop wallpapers with plants and tress photographs look beautiful. They can help us reduce lot of stress. Download as many as you can on your desktop. Keep on changing as your mood changes. You will get many with text that is inspiring. You will also get many with romantic text. They will help you forget your tensions and stresses. a great treat to the eyes, such wallpapers are a therapy to fight depression.

Free plants and trees wallpapers cost nothing and help us fight the blues. Why not use them to live a more successful life?

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