Do you know anyone who you would consider a detail person? This is the kind of person that arranges for small and large touches that makes a space or event special. Many people tell me that I am this kind of person. I do like to make sure that there are special touches in the rooms I decorate as well as on the tables I set for meals. I am sure that I learned this from my mother and grandmother. They both had a knack for arranging flowers, napkins, knick-knacks and plants to make spaces inviting. They did not like clutter but they did like to surround themselves with things that were pretty to look at. I never thought that I would develop a career from the skills that I learned from these two wonderful women.
I have a degree in social work. I worked as a counselor in a residential treatment facility as well as a case manager in a county government agency. When I was in both jobs I was know as the person that would decorate and arrange things for the different holidays in addition to my other duties. When I got married and we started having children I decided that I could no longer do my job as a social worker because of the demands that this type of position places on you mentally. I wanted to have some type of income to help with our financial needs. My brother is an architect. He asked me if I would help him ret out different office spaces by arranging them. This included renting furniture for spaces to make them appealing to the renter as well as getting plants for offices and other accessories so potential renters would not be making a decision based on an empty space. I contacted a friend of mine that owns a floral shop to ask what type of plants for offices she would recommend. Most times office spaces do not have a great deal of natural light in reception spaces. To me it would make the most since to have the plants for offices visible to clients when they first entered. The florist told me that there are companies that provide plants for offices as a service. They bring plants and arrange them in a way that they will not be in the way for the business that the office is doing. They come in and water the plants, remove dead leaves and switch out plants that may need to have better lighting. She gave me the telephone number for one of the companies. I contacted them and explained what I needed. In the process of working with them they mentioned that they had an opening for an organizer to work with different offices for staging their reception areas. They offered me the position. This has been a great job for me and much less stress than doing social work.

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